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Checking Accounts

Advanz Credit Union Checking Accounts

A basic checking account with no additional fees and no minimum balance required. 

The checking account for ages 18-24. No monthly fees, no minimum balance and no direct deposit required to obtain this account. Must have eStatements and an email address to sign up. Also, you can get up to $15 per month refunded at the end of every month on fees charged at ATMs that are not within our network.

This account is dedicated to ages 55 and up comes with no monthly fee, no minimum balance and no direct deposit required. You will also receive a free box of basic duplicate checks and 20% off checking account products purchased through Advanz.

Denied a checking account? This account is for you for only a $10 monthly fee and no minimum balance required. Members in this account must have direct deposit and perform successfully in this account for a minimum of 6 months before requesting to transfer to a different Advanz checking account. Overdraft Protection is available on this account. *Safe Landing Courtesy Pay and check writing are not allowed with this account.

You use your checking account nearly every day - why not get rewarded for it? Our Rewards + Plus+ Checking account gives you a better return for doing the things you were going to do anyway! 

This no-fee, high-yield account lets you earn more just by using it regularly and choosing some of our most popular conveniences. How do you earn more? 

  • Choose eStatements with a valid email address
  • Enroll in Online Banking and access it once monthly via desktop or our app
  • Make at least 10 debit card transactions totaling $250
  • Have at least 1 direct deposit and 1 electronic payment hit the account monthly

Another added perk besides a better rate? Get back up to $15 in ATM surcharges refunded each month. 

Nearly all of our Rewards + Plus + Checking accountholders easily meet the qualifications each month! And there's NO PENALTY for any month you don't hit the account qualifications- you'll still earn the minimum dividend amount. If you find that you're routinely not meeting qualifications, no worries - we'll move you into our free regular checking account. 

Cash Investment Accounts (CIA) provide our members with the convenience of checking with unrestricted access to the CIA, as well as surcharge-free access to our variety of ATM networks. Dividends on CIAs are paid monthly with the minimum balance requirement of $1,000.³ 

Corporate Cash Investment Accounts (CCIA) are available for corporations and organizations of natural person members with all of the same benefits as the CIA.

³ If a minimum of $1,000 is not kept within the account for 3 consecutive months, the account will be converted to a checking account.

A basic checking account for businesses with no additional fees and no minimum balance required. 

Early Payday

Enjoy the convenience of Early Payday with Advanz, allowing you to access your paycheck one day earlier at no extra charge. This feature is automatically available to Advanz checking account holders with direct deposit, highlighting our commitment to enhancing your banking experience.


  • Immediate Enrollment: No sign-up required; available for all with direct deposit.
  • Sooner Access: Get your paycheck a day early, giving you more control over your finances.
  • Freedom to Enjoy: Pay bills early or indulge a little, with peace of mind.

How It Works: When your employer sends your paycheck details to us, we make the funds available a day before your normal payday. Note: Funds availability can vary due to holidays and other factors.

To get started, ensure your direct deposit is set up with your Advanz checking account to enjoy this benefit! Contact us for assistance or to learn more. 

Overdraft Protection and Safe Landing Courtesy Pay

You’re a little short of cash two or three days before payday. Unusual or unforeseen expenses popped up at just the wrong time and you may overdraw on your account. We've got you covered.

Overdraft Protection

With Overdraft Protection, if you happen to go over the balance available in your checking account, we'll transfer from your designated savings account into your checking account to pay for the items that caused the overdraft. See our Fee Schedule for fees associated with Overdraft Protection. Members may request to opt-in to our Overdraft Protection at the time of opening their account.

Safe Landing Courtesy Pay

Safe Landing Courtesy Pay will prevent embarrassing moments when these little emergencies arise. Instead of returning overdrawn items on your checking account, we will automatically pay them for you, up to the Safe Landing Courtesy Pay limit of $500. Safe Landing Courtesy Pay adds a pre-approved $500 overdraft limit to your personal checking account. If you overdraw your account, we may pay your transactions up to the aggregate $500 limit. Your account will be accessed a Safe Landing Courtesy Pay fee for each item we pay against an overdrawn account (see Fee Schedule). If the funds are available in your Regular Savings Account and you also have overdraft protection, we will first transfer those funds to pay the item before initiating the Safe Landing Courtesy Pay.

In order to be considered for our Safe Landing Courtesy Pay, please contact us to discuss. We'll take a look at your situation and checking account history to see if you qualify. 

There are many benefits to you with this new authorization.

  • You won't pay merchant returned charges.
  • You won't pay collection agency fees for returned charges.
  • You avoid the embarrassment of insufficient funds.
  • You have the added measure of safety protecting your good credit rating.

Contact Us & Open An Account Today

Early Payday: Early Payday's timing depends on when Advanz Credit Union receives your payroll details from your employer or other source of direct deposit; once received, funds will be made available one day before your traditional payday. The date of funds availability can change due to holidays or unforeseen events. Ensure your directly deposited funds are available in your account before issuing checks or making withdrawals. Please note that some types of non-payroll and tax payments do not qualify for the Early Payday feature. Membership eligibility required. Federally insured by NCUA.

*Safe Landing Courtesy Pay and check writing are not offered on the New Beginnings Checking account.

¹ACH Origination allows you to transfer funds between Advanz and another financial institution quickly and easily. You can set up the transfer yourself in Online Banking under Transfers – External Transfers. You will have to verify the amounts of 3 small microdeposits in your account at the other financial institution before the transfer can be set up. Contact us first if you are attempting to transfer more than $5,000.

²Disclosures for REWARDS +PLUS+ CHECKING
Members must apply for and be fully qualified for the required services in this program/promotion. Members must achieve all goals in each calendar processing month to receive rewards. Valid qualifying activity will be determined by the posting date of our core system. If we process month end before the actual last calendar day of said month any activity after that will count toward the following calendar processing month's requirement. There is no minimum balance requirement to participate. We will refund up to $15 per month in non-Advanz ATM network surcharge fees maximum during a calendar processing month. The minimum dividend will be paid on all funds that do not qualify for the reward rate (see rates). Dividend will be paid and calculated on average daily balance in the reward account. Activity or deposits in any other account will not impact dividend calculation or count toward the requirements of rewards account. The minimum dividend rate will be paid on all average daily balances that do not qualify for rewards and any amount greater than $25,000. We will continue to charge our fee after 7 ATM transactions monthly even if refunding a non-Advanz ATM surcharge. This type of account is limited to one per member number. If the member fails to meet the Rewards requirement for 3 consecutive months, the account will be converted back to the prior type of checking account. This type of account is available to natural person members only. Non natural person (Business Accounts) do not qualify to participate in Rewards Plus Checking. All policies and procedures that apply to an individual service required will remain in effect per that policy, regulations and/or procedure. Dividend is calculated daily and applied monthly as detailed in our "Standard Disclosure Statement." The dividend rates and APYs on this account are subject to change monthly at our discretion.