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We've got your savings needs covered.

A savings account is a great way to help take care of expenses that may come up suddenly and without notice, to those future plans we all have that might be more expensive than we can afford at the moment. Whatever the case may be, having a savings account is a financially wise decision and because you'll be saving with a credit union, your funds are insured up to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Savings Account

When you look to join Advanz Credit Union, $5.00 deposited into your initial savings account will establish your membership with the Credit Union. This account does earn dividends with a balance of $100 or greater and you can choose to continue to deposit into the account directly, via direct deposit or by payroll deduction. Maintaining a minimum of $5.00 in this account will maintain your membership with the Credit Union. Open your account online today!*

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Certificate Builder Savings

If you don’t have the minimum amount to open a Certificate account, then build it! A minimum payroll deduction of $100 per month will rollover into a Certificate account once $1,000 is accumulated. With just a $5.00 minimum balance requirement to open this account, you could be saving into a Certificate in no time! You'll also earn dividends and are able to take one fee-free withdrawal per quarter.

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Cadet Savers Youth Savings & Independenz Teen Acounts

Start teaching the children in your life 12 and under the importance of savings by opening their very own account with our Cadet Savers Youth Savings; a minimum balance of $5.00 is all that's required to open and maintain the account! And quarterly, we will also send all Cadet Savers their very own newsletter filled with information and fun activities to help teach them about money matters in a way that is educational and engaging. Our Independenz Teen Accounts are available for 13-17-year olds. Contact us today to get started!

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Club Savings Accounts

Club Savings Accounts for such longer term savings needs like Christmas shopping, vacations, escrow, kid expenses - pretty much anything you need to save for ahead of time can be saved using our Club Savings Account. With just a $5.00 minimum deposit to establish the account, you'll earn dividends and are able to take one fee-free withdrawal per quarter.

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*Due to additional documentation requirements, minors, non-US citizens and business accounts must come into the Credit Union to open their membership or savings account.

Business Savings Accounts

We offer Business Savings Accounts for Sole Proprietorship/DBA, Partnership, Corporation, and LLC businesses, as well as for Clubs and Associations. Click contact us below to learn more or to open one today! 

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