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Introducing Early Payday at Advanz

We're excited to unveil our newest feature, Early Payday, offering you the convenience of receiving your paycheck one day early, without any additional fees! This service highlights our dedication to enhancing your banking experience and providing valuable benefits that matter to you.

Early Payday Highlights:

  • No Enrollment Required: If you have an Advanz checking account with direct deposit, you're all set to enjoy Early Payday.
  • Access Your Pay Sooner: Avoid the wait and get your paycheck a day earlier, giving you more freedom to manage your finances.
  • Freedom to Do More: Early access to your pay means you can pay bills ahead of time or indulge in some leisure, worry-free.

How It Works:
Once your employer sends us your paycheck details, we make those funds available to you up to one day before your regular payday. Simple as that!

Get Started:
Ensure your direct deposit is active with your Advanz checking account, and you're ready to embrace Early Payday.

Keep in mind, fund availability may vary due to holidays and other factors. Always check your account balance before making plans with your paycheck.

Join Us:
Embrace the Early Payday advantage and enjoy a more flexible and joyful financial life, courtesy of Advanz. Not yet a checking account holder or need help establishing direct deposit? Contact us today! 

*Early Payday's timing depends on when Advanz Credit Union receives your payroll details from your employer or other source of direct deposit; once received, funds will be made available one day before your traditional payday. The date of funds availability can change due to holidays or unforeseen events. Ensure your directly deposited funds are available in your account before issuing checks or making withdrawals. Please note that some types of non-payroll and tax payments do not qualify for the Early Payday feature. Membership eligibility required. Federally insured by NCUA.